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Why Lush?

When you think ‘Lush’ it’s abundant, thriving, luxuriant, vibrant and living.

It is a space in our own corner of the world, where we create not out of necessity but for joy and to thrive.


Through connection with our craft we cultivate a space of enjoyment. Working with traceable tools and materials brings another layer of value. Our business logo symbolises the connection between the fibre in its raw state, as a plant or a living creature, right through to the maker.


We specialise in socially and environmentally responsible products from like-minded businesses. From yarn and tool manufacturers with a focus on sustainable production, ethical labour and animal practices.

We sell a range of animal and plant based yarns suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving and basketry work. Look inside and explore our extensive range of crochet and knitting tools along with a range of handcrafted items and

crochet patterns.


Based in the Snowy Mountains you can find

us online and various events.

Make it lush, make it yours! 



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