Make it lush, make it yours! 

That’s what this lush corner is about. The grass isn’t always greener over the fence, your corner and place in the world is as important as your neighbours. Work on your corner, make it lush, make it thrive and make it reflect you! Inspire others with your exuberance and sure enough the vibe will spread. 


Our focus is using locally sourced materials with a focus on sustainable, reusable, recyclable and transparent. 

Then harnessing your crafting talent and culturing it into creating beautifully crafted goods, wearable and for your home. 


We believe that every small action taken by an individual can make a substantial impact not just your local community but to national and even global scale.

Again, this begins with me, it begins with you. In this space the approach starts with handmade. It's slow work, but so much more rewarding. You can buy that item but its doesn't have your stamp on it, your colour or your love.

I'm Leah and the creator of this lush corner. 

Come with me as we harness and develop our skills to create for you.


For enquiries please email thislushcorner@gmail.com

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