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Travelling and Mark's Scarf

Pre baby, I did a lot of travelling. While it might feel like its only a distant memory now, I have projects and photos to remind me. My last trip was to Romania and Ireland where I met up with a friend living in London and later my mum. So there was a fair bit of travelling involved.

Living in Australia to get to many major cities overseas its a 14-24hr flight, often taking 36-40hrs with stop overs. There's nothing more boring than long hail flights, stop overs, overnight trains or miserable rainy nights when you really, a bottle of wine and the warm hostel was more appealing. Craft! crochet in particular was my saviour and the best fibre craft to travel with.

While many other craft instruments are banned when flying, I've never had an issue with my hook. Mind you the odd looks I've occasionally received are so easy to ignore. If I was a few years older and a few more grey hairs, I'd fit the stereotype and no one would possibly care...

So I always travel with an audiobook, podcast (already downloaded), skien of yarn and my hook. I created Mark's scarf on the journey over to London. For that reason I don't have any progress shots of marks scarf, but I hope you can clearly see rib effect I've tried to achieve.

I didn't have a pattern on my phone to work from, I just went with a technique that I knew would work and look good on that fussy man of mine. I took a 4mm hook and yarn from my stash. 200g/ 400m (7oz/437yd) of Alpaca yarn in Charcoal from Bendigo Woolen Mills. What I should also mention, this isn't a yarn I would normally work with. It's cheap yarn, great for beginners or knitters on a budget, the ball cost me $14 AUD at the time. If I'm travelling with a project, personally if something happened to it... I want it to be a project that I wouldn't loose any sleep over. But that also depends on how and what type of traveller you are.

Now onto the pattern, two rows make the pattern and all rows are crocheted into the back loop (BL).

To begin:

176 chains

Foundation row: tr into the third chain and into each chain created (174)

Row 1: dc into BL

Row 2: tr into BL

Rpt pattern 8times.

Weave loose ends back into your work and block.

Done! Easy hey :D

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