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Spring and it's colours

IITS WARMING UP! Finally it's starting to feel like spring and with Floriade starting this weekend thats a sure sign the days are warming up.

Actually I can feel the warmth of the sun on me as I write. It really is a pleasant change, I feel like this winter has dragged and my motivation has too.

In the past few days my gardens blossomed. To break free of our winter rut Annabelle, bindi (the dog) and I pop out to water, pick and talk to the plants as often as we can.

I can't go past the colours! No better colour pallet than nature itself. Next few pictures have been inspired but just that.

Mandalas are new project of mine. through Instagram you only need to search and the inspiration is endless. So this is my measly attempt. I have some way to go but picking colours and designing is so much fun!

I've tried to experiment with a variety of techniques. Front and back post stitches, cluster, over lay stitches to name a couple. Colour changing in particular needs a little more attention and practice. The next step is what do I do with them?

This is one idea. Mandala head bands. What do you think? A girlfriend suggested I look into elastic alternatives. Colours and other textures

I wanted look into this before posting but I was just too eager to share my first attempt.

I'm not so eager to make a blanket or any other big project but I will be playing and making many more of these.

Stay tuned...

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