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Summer and Market Chaos

December is almost here and I feel like summers already started.

My first market is less than a week away! I've been madly making and putting the final touches into my set up and packaging. This has proved to be a larger undertaking than I had anticipated. BUT... having a partner like mine, who puts my every movement into an excel spread sheet has organised me.

He has been an amazing help to get the nitty gritty of this up and running, which gives me the time to create and spend time with my little one.

AS you can see I have a table full of goodies. I've made more pom poms this week than I did as a child, and I'm struggling to make a beanie without them, they're so dang cute!

So this market is my first event that I can show off my handmade goodies and meet many of you who love the fibre arts as much as I do. Whether you're a maker yourself or just appreciate the care designers and crafters put into their work, I'm looking forward to meeting you all.

The crafty frog in Kambah is hosting the market. Its is run from 10-2pm

As I said earlier, summer feels like its come early. Any temp above 25 degrees and I melt! and it appears so does my little one. To keep her long fringe back, I've made these sweet little bow headbands. I've made a few in different colours and sizes and written a pattern.

I've added this along with a 'Pink Candy' handkerchief shawl to my Ravelry folder. The link is also now on my home page. It's crocheted in a single piece and super easier and quick to whip up. I have written it using Morris and Sons Empire 10ply yarn but I've given estimated weights per size if you'd like to make it with yarn from your stash.

I love small projects I can use with my stash and scraps.

These shawls are made with Morris and Sons Rustica 100% Cotton 10Ply yarn. Another one skien wonder.

Lightweight and airy. Knitted with larger than recommended needles, the cotton has a lovely drape.


Also since this is christmas, there is no escaping it but I do want to give a little back. It is a hectic but wonderful time of year for me, my family and the friends I love, and I think that love needs to spread a little further.

I'm passionate about a number of charities but this one stood out today. For those children and their families that need to work a little harder than we do on a daily basis, every little bit will help.

So my friends 5% of every purchase made this Saturday will go to the The House with No Steps

Please select the link to read more about this fantastic charity.

Hard copies of my pattern will be sold on the day. My patterns are free on Ravelry but if you'd like a colour copy and cover, to recoup my print cost and to contribute to this foundation I will charge a small fee.

Stay cool in this warm weather my friends. On a final note, I just love how the colours go with my biscuits.

Look forward to meeting you on Saturday.

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