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Whip that hair back and let's crochet


How exciting the new year is here! I hope you all had just as much fun over the holidays as I did. There was lots of laughs, good company and far too much food. Yes, this is a very belated new year i'm sorry. I took a rather long hiatus from writing but the hands have been super busy! For myself and my little family, 2017 has already started off busy and with so much change. With my little one starting daycare and myself kicking of the new year with my inevitable return to work.

So my holidays we spent crafting as many new and old projects as I could, keeping the hands busy, the mind quiet and remaining grounded.

Here is my first new pattern for 2017. I'm so excited to be sharing this free pattern with you. I love a good easy, short and most of all free project. I'd started this later last year and with two of these finished babies up for sale. My new 'Ribbed Headband' is ready to go. It's super easy, ideal for a beginner project looking to expand on the good olde granny square.

Click on the title to download or visit my ravelry store to download the free pattern.

Don't mind the selfie, this the fit for the adult size.

The pattern consists of:

back loop double crochet (bldc)

back loop treble (bltr)

back loop double treble (bldtr)

back post treble (bptr)

back post double treble (bpdtr)

slip stitches (sl st)

The headband starts with chains, followed by a foundation row of double crochets. This can be adapted and dc foundation round can be used as a substitution. This will give the band edge more elasticity.

I am working on ways to show you step by step 'how to' photos in future posts. I love youtube, I do a lot of my learning from that medium but sometimes it is just simpler to see a pic with the pattern.

Please let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

What I will share with you is the back of the headband. I used a 10mm wide leather band. I picked this up from my local craft store. I love wool and leather together, I think its the texture differences. But any medium will do. Fabric, pvc, more yarn, any! You imagination is unlimited.

Draw the band edges together by sewing a couple of stitches to secure it on place. Do not break the yarn yet, hold the band edges you've chosen in place and sew together.

If leather is what you've chosen, you will need to pre make the holes. This can be done with an awl or a thick, sharp needle. Secure with a knot in the back and it's done.

I hope you enjoy this little project. I would love to hear your thoughts and see photos of you projects.

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