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Learn to Crochet

The feedback has been amazing form the last few markets. What I heard from many of you, is that you'd love to learn to crochet. Music to my ears! This is a passion of mine and I would love to share it with you. I've taken my time over the past few weeks to compile different packages that could be tailored to suit what you'd like to learn.

Learning may be a little awkward at first, hold a hook and yarn for the first time certainly doesn't feel natural. But with a little repetition this is a fun versatile craft you'll love.

I want these classes to be relaxed and low key. I'm not working with in conjunction with a craft store or yarn brand, just me and my hook so we can organise to meet at your home or in a comfy café with a good coffee. Classes can be held one on one or with a friend. This is for Canberra residents only.

During our time, I’ll show you the techniques required to kick start your crochet journey, and touch on how to read a pattern and diagram. So you don't loss momentum, I also have a sheet of photo instructions to refer back to.

Pick the pack you’d like to work on. Prices are all inclusive, detailed all information and prices are listed per pack below. Classes can be booked from Saturday 5th July.

Pop through an email to confirm a date, location and any questions or materials you may need. I will stock a selection of cotton and jersey yarn colours to choose from. At time of booking I'll let you know what colour options are available.

Class prices:

$60 per hour ($20 per 1/2hr after that)- Private class

$50 pp/ per hour ($15 pp/ 1/2hr after that)- Learn with a friend

+ $10 pp for pack 3.

Option 1: Granny square

I started with the good old granny square, it's small and repetitive making it easier to consolidate your stitch technique and tension. Make it as big or small as you like, make a couple and you've either have the start of a blanket or a coaster.

Materials Included:

  • 5mm Hook

  • Knit picks Cotton Yarn​

  • Pattern

  • Photograph instructions


  • Working in the round

  • Stitches: chain, treble and slip stitch

  • Finishing technique

Option 2: Dishcloth

I honestly can't get excited about washing the dishes but it's nifty to have these babies in the kitchen. The pattern includes two dishcloth options, in the class we'll cover the cloths shown in grey and blue.

Materials Included:

  • 4.5mm Hook

  • 100g Ball of Cotton Yarn

  • Pattern

  • Photograph instructions


  • Working in rows

  • Stitches: chain, treble and double crochet

crochet basket

Option 3: Baskets baby

The most challenging part of making these babies is working the first round of stitches into a magic ring. It’s handy to have tried crochet before, but not essential.

The pattern includes 3 different sizes, the yarn roll will make the small and medium size or one large.

Materials Included:

  • 12mm Hook

  • 500g Jersey knit yarn roll

  • Pattern for 3 different sizes

  • photograph instructions


  • Magic loop/ring

  • Working in the round

  • Stitches: chain, double crochet, slip stitch

  • Increases

  • Finishing technique

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