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This Corner's EVOLVING!

Let me start by saying a very happy new year to you all!

January is coming to a close so we're certainly in the swing of 2021. Happy... not so happy... too early to tell, I'm certainly going to tread lightly in case any more curve balls are thrown.

I really do hope we can all settle in to this year with a little more calm and enthusiasm though. Spend time with friends and my family (lockdowns and restrictions have definitely taken their toll) but of course make more things!

After screaming into the wind a few times last year with frustration I needed to shift gears, change direction and take a different road. The change has led to this...

A new Look

Firstly a new look! this lush corners style change and new logo

Last year I announced that this lush corner was moving from a irregular, fun blog to a small business. Part of that transition was the need for a new logo to match the intent and direction this business would take. To establish this, I took the opportunity to work with Jay Kay, a fine artist based in Sydney. In a simple yet elegant design, she encompassed the meaning of this business.

Whatever fibre craft you choose, you’re working with your hands. The time and passion you pour into your work is an extension of yourself. The logo symbolises the connection from the plant/ organic life to us. Working with traceable fibres helps you build a connection with the fibre and bring appreciation and story to the project your creating.

A new Shop

This Corner recently became a store... Modest in size for now. It starts by experiencing the basic natural textures of plant based fibres. With their wildness comes a strength and durability that make them the perfect material for a variety of projects.

At This Lush Corner we believe we have a responsibility to do our part to protect and minimise our impact on the natural environment. Our goal is to run a ‘zero waste’ business through the re use, re purposing, recycling or composting waste.

Great care has been taken to source sustainable products in the items we sell and our packaging. The yarns we source will have a focus on sustainable production, ethical labour and animal practices.

Our packaging is composed of compostable and recyclable items. It has been thoughtfully sourced so no part of our packaging should remain in landfill or be wasted.

Lets start with our mail bag. It's eco friendly and designed to be composted. Instructions for disposal are on the bag. to contradict that the postage label unfortunately aren't, unavoidable at present.

Paper packaging, yarn tags and card stock are from Australian based businesses and all recyclable. Our yarn tags are tree free, the unbleached paper is made from elephant dung and rice paddy fibres.

Last but not least, the twine is from our stock, compost or add it to a project.

Yarn store aside, I hope to generate more and regular content, including fibre information and of course projects. So you will hear from me a little more frequently. Projects will feature a variety of these fibres and others as well.

Let's take the slow process together and make something we're proud of.

Leah x

You can find our sources here:

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