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Celestial Knitting Kit - Firefly Notes

Celestial Knitting Kit - Firefly Notes

Durable glossy hand poured resin celestial knitting tool kit. Ideal for your knitting/ crochet/ sewing notions or all sorts of other little bits and peices. 

This tin was designed and crafted with care and a non toxic resin in my Steveston BC studio and made to last.



  1. Notions Tin: L 9cm, W 5.9cm, D  1.1cm (3 9/16" length, 2 5/16" width, 7/16" deep)
  2. Magnetic bottom insert covered with a whimsical sticker so that your darning needle won’t fall out
  3. Darning needle.
  4. Five, no snag round black stitch markers.
  5. Two custom designed Firefly Notes removable stitch markers: One moon 🌙+ One star ⭐️


Please note colours are accurate but may vary screen to screen.


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