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Nettle fibre for spinning -  by Himalayan Allo Udhyog

Nettle fibre for spinning - by Himalayan Allo Udhyog

Nettle fibre is a remarkable natural fibre known for its sustainability, strength, and softness. Spinning with nettle fibre can be a rewarding experience. The fibres are long and flexible, making them easy to spin into yarn. Incorporating nettle fibre into your spinning project not only adds a unique touch but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Whether you're creating a new garment, weaving a decorative piece, or experimenting with mixed-media textiles, nettle fiber offers a refreshing and environmentally conscious option to explore.


Himalayan nettle fibres (Allo) are extracted from the stalks of nettle plants (Girardinia diversifolia) found in the Himalayan region. These fibers have been used by local communities for centuries to create various products, including textiles, ropes, fishing nets, baskets, and more. Himalayan nettle fibres are known for their strength, durability, and eco-friendly properties. Nettle is a finer fibre than hemp, and similar to flax with more washes, the fibre will soften.


Weight: varies, all weight in grams

Origin: Nepal by Himalayan Allo Udhyog


Please note this is a natural plant product, colour may vary from photos. 




Himalayan Allo Udhyog is a company established in 2009 with a unique vision of creating sustainable and eco-friendly products through the traditional way of Himalayan women. Their mission is to promote local crafts and empower women in the socio-economic sector, all while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability.


They specialise in the production of Nettle and Hemp fibres and products using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations, ensuring the authenticity and cultural significance of each piece. As a team of strong women, they are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and creating a better, eco-friendly environment through their work.

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