Shower Mitten Crochet Pattern

Shower Mitten Crochet Pattern

Created with what may be considered a ‘weed’, nettles are transformed into a gentle, soft, versatile fibre. It is breathable, strong and durable and will feel soft against your skin, making it an ideal fibre for this project. These shower mittens allow the soap to lather and can be worn for either the left or the right hand.



   Easy/ Beginner



   Small= 9cm x 18cm (laid flat),

   Large= 11.5cm x 19cm (laid flat)



  • 4.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Approx 15g of Handspun nettle yarn per mitten


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Keep in mind if substituting for another yarn this was designed using a handspun nettle which varies in thickeness and length the weight given is approximate. 

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