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December 21, 2018

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Bow Ties

January 4, 2018

Summers heating up here in Oz so bub and I are whipping out these beauties again. This bow tie head band was the first crochet pattern I'd ever written. I published it for free with some input from another crocheter. However In the 12 months since I published this my skills and knowledge have evolved. 


This being one of my little favourites I wanted rejig the written pattern and clarify some of the written instructions. To do this heres a visual guide to go with the pattern.


For the pattern: PATTERN PDF or head over to my RAVELRY page.



I haven't documented a gauge, I found it wasn't important. Any variation in size and shape won't affect the look. I do love a good opportunity to de-stash! so I originally made these with left overs of the Morris and Sons empire yarn. This can be replaced with any other yarn you love!


The pattern is written in UK terminology. The main stitch is a UK Treble crochet. Dc is the equivalent to Tr in US terminology. 


2 Chains are used at the start of each row to gain the height of the Tr stitch and are counted as a stitch. The last stitch of the following row will be made into this. I'll show you in the photos below.


For the purpose of this tutorial I've written the instructions for the adult size in a Knit Picks cotton.




Ch3 to start.

ROW 1 |   Tr 3 into the first Ch (the 3rd ch from the hook)




ROW 2 |   ch2, tr 2 into the same st, tr into the next st, tr2 into the next st.


To break it down: The first 2 trs are made directly after the starting chs. This means not skip the first space.


Tr into the next st, tr 2 into the last st


Since the starting chs are counted as a st, the final 2 trs are made into the top of the starting chs at the start of the previous row.


ROW 3 |  Tr2 into the same st, tr into next 3 sts, tr2 into the last st.


Same as ROW 2, first 2 trebles are in the st straight after the starting 2 chains.



ROW 4 | ch2, tr2 into the same st, tr into the next 5 sts, tr2 into ch2 of the prev row


ROW 5 | ch2, tr2 into the same st, tr into the next 7 sts, tr2 into ch2 of the prev row


ROW 6 | ch2, tr into each st




ROW 7 | ch2, tr2tog, tr into the next 7 sts, tr2tog (incl ch2 of the prev row)


this row is the start of the decrease of the first bow. the decrease st starts directly after the chs. as shown below.

now complete the final tr2tog











ROW 8 | ch2, tr2tog, tr into the next 5 sts, tr2tog (incl ch2 of the prev row)



ROW 9 | ch2, tr2tog, tr into the next 3 sts, tr2tog (incl ch2 of the prev row)



ROW 10 | ch2, tr2tog, tr, tr2tog incl ch2 of the prev row



ROW 11 | rpt row 2


Increasing to create the body of the headband. 


ROWS 12 - 14 |  Rpt rows 3 - 5



ROWS 15  |  ch2, tr into each st


For the adult size this is repeated 44 more times. If you'd like to increase the size of the headband this would be the time.  Just check the height of your stitches and adjust from there. Remembering there will be some stretch in the finished work.


To complete the other end of the headband the same rows are repeated from the start, in reverse. The final row  ROW 70 | ch2, tr3tog. Like all other decrease rows the it includes the chs at the start of the previous row.



To Finish, sew and trim in any ends.