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Sasawashi Flat by Daruma

Sasawashi Flat by Daruma

Sasawashi Flat- Japanese paper yarn is made from Kumasasa. Kumasasa is bamboo, grown at an elevation of 1000 meters. It has a raffia like appearance with a beautiful natural luster that is unique to Japanese paper. Unlike 'sasawashi' the yarn is flat and thinner with no twist.


The natural antibacterial, deodorant, and UV-blocking properties of kumazasa help keep the item clean. The natural deodorizing properties prevent mildew growth and fiber deterioration. While the water-repellent dyeing process gives it a water-repellent and stain-resistant quality.


Sasawashi is suitable for a range of projects. Basketry work, Knitting or Crochet hats and bags. 


Origin: Japan

Fiber content: 100% Kumasasa (Bamboo)

Quantity: 25g/ 0.88 oz (78m/ 85yds) or 200g / 7 oz (624m/ 682yds)

Suggested Hook: Crochet 4/0-6/0


Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth


Please note colours are accurate but may vary screen to screen.

    PriceFrom $11.50
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