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Oh baby! Coasters

My main and only motivation was purely driven by my delightful toddler. Climb and grab whatever is within reach. I just can't keep on top of her every movement and honestly I'm learning fast that it's easier to pick your battles and alter my environment than keep her away from things. Out of sight out of mind!

Her recent fascination has been the coasters on the coffee table. So it's time for my Whitehill metal coasters to be put aside Probably till she's an adult, might be safer.

In our home, 'if we can make it, why buy it'. Being on mat leave I'm also conscious of the money I spend, so I had some fun rummaging into my stash to whip something up.

I wanted to keep it simple but still look ok. I couldn't go past the good old granny square.

The photo above was the first set I made. I won't go into the details of these, the pattern details are fairly common and written in numerous places. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel and bore you so to say.

All the coasters I want to show you are all made with 100% cotton, some are organic cotton as well. Cotton is durable, it wont felt after multiple washes, good colour retention, heat resistant and most of all looks good. And Annabelle and chomp on them. For these reasons I have steered clear of wool and acrylic blends.

On a side note, this is my little one helping me write. I'm fast becoming an excellent 'multi tasker' and she's always so keen to help create (or distract). Either way we're having fun.

Here's a change from my granny squares. Simple/ basic pattern and with a mix of colour and some variegated colour yarn, can really break up the plain pattern. Also great to using up yarn thats hiding in your stash! These don't used much yarn at all.

I dropped down a hook size (0.5mm) from the recommended hook size on the yarn tag. I love a tight dense fabric when I crochet. In this case also creates a sturdy platform for you cuppa which is essential!


Square: 3in/ 7.5cm

Round: 3.5in/ 9cm

Squares: (worked on both right and wrong sides)

Start with Colour A

To start ch22, tr into the 3rd stitch from the hook and ever ch along 20

Row 2. ch2, tr 19

Work a further 6 rows (8 in total)

Change to colour B

Row 9. ch2, tr into each stitch 20

Row 10. ch2, tr into each stitch 20

Round: (worked on the right side only)

Start with Colour A

Row 1. tr12 stitches into a magic loop, slst 12

Row 2. ch2, tr2 into each stitch, slst 24

Row 3. ch2, (tr1, tr2 into the next stitch) rpt 12 times, slst 36

Row 4. ch2 (tr2, tr2 into the next stitch) rpt 12 times, slst 48

Change to colour B

Row 5. ch2 (tr3, tr2 into the next stitch) rpt 12 times, slst 6

Mix it up even more, alter the colour combination and add texture by crocheting through the back loop.

I mentioned in my last post I'd found a new passion for mandalas. Here's my newest test runs. These are the coaters we use at home.

With some more practise on my technique and colour matching, I'll be able to write these babies up to share and possibly throw a few up on my etsy store.

Until then... Have a great weekend everyone x

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