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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from chilly Canberra!

We had a short cold snap earlier this week which was a harsh introduction into what winter brings for us. But now we've had some beautiful days, which i'm trying to make the best of.

In saying that, this post comes to you from my backyard. I'm not missing out on the sunshine while it lasts! I've thrown this little basket together for Sundays egg hunt.

I'd love to talk more about this season, its meaning and the nostalgia it holds but this is a last minute blog for a quick last minute project to whip up for Sunday. So let get into it!

Got it sorted?! Don't need the photo tute? Awesome, heres the downloadable PDF: Easter goody basket

What you'll need:

  • Jersey knit yarn approx 160g (5.6oz)/ 32m (35yds) | I'm using Hot pink/ Dolly pink by Wool and the Gang.

  • 8mm Crochet hook

  • Scissors

Gauge: not measured

Finished dimensions: Basket | 14cm Diameter/ 9cm high (18cm including the handle)


  • Rnd: Round

  • ch: chain

  • dc: double crochet (sc: single crochet for my US friends)

  • st/s: stitch/es

  • rpt: repeat

  • sk: skip

  • sp: space

  • slst: slip stitch

  • MC: main colour

  • CC: contrast colour

  • RS: right side

  • WS: wrong side


  • Each ch st isn’t counted as a st. Work the space immediately after the ch st, do not skip.

  • The basket is crocheted in the round on the right side only

  • The handle is continued from the end of the final basket rnd. It is crocheted on the right and wrong sides.

Lets start: The Basket

Rnd 1: using MC, dc 6 into magic loop

To break the first rnd down, start by creating a magic loop.

Follow the pictures from left to right (sorry i haven't labelled the photos).

1. Wrap the yarn around your fingers with your working yarn to the back

2. Slip your hook under the end yarn and draw your working yarn through

3. Yarn around and draw the yarn through the loop on your hook as if to ch

4. While holding the loop and the end yarn together, dc into the centre of the loop

At this point i'd test that you can adjust the loop. Test this by puling on the end yarn to close the loop then to open the loop again, pull the loop side that closed.

Continue this for 5 more dc sts

Now pull the end yarn to tighten.

slst into the first dc st to finish the rnd.

Rnd 2: ch1, (dc2 into next st) rpt 6 times

slst into the first dc st to finish the rnd.

I've skipped ahead now, the next image includes rnds 3, 4, 5 and 6. Rnd 3 and 4 are worked into the st the same as rnd 2. Follow the combinations below.

Rnd 3: ch1, (dc1, dc2 into next st) rpt 6 times, slst. 18

Rnd 4: ch1, (dc into next 2 sts, dc2 into next st) rpt 6 times, slst. 24

In rnds 5 and 6 there are fewer increase sts, this starts to create the dome base of your basket.

In rnd 5, you'll notice the increase sts don't align like they did in the previous 3 rnds. They will again for rnd 6.

Rnd 5: ch1, (dc into next 5 sts, dc2 into next st) rpt 4 times slst. 28

Rnd 6: ch1, (dc into next 6 sts, dc2 into next st) rpt 4 times slst. 32

you can see the rounded (dome) shape taking form.

At this point, if you'd like a shallower basket i'd remove a rnd, or add 1 or 2 for more depth. I didn't gauge/ swatch this project, so measure your st height before adjusting, this will give you a guide on what height you're adding or removing from your basket.

Rnd 7-8: ch1, dc into each st, slst

This st combo added a little something different to the edge of my basket. I love how a slight variation can produce something different.

Rnd 9: ch1, (dc, ch1, miss next st, dc into next st) rpt to last st, ch1, miss next st, slst 16

You can see in the image, at the start of the rnd, the ch1 and the dc immediately after.

The next dc st has been missed (ch1 sits above it), then the next dc st is worked after the missed dc st. Rpt this till the 2nd last st. ch1, miss the final st then slst into the 1st dc at the beginning of the rnd to finish.

Change to CC now if using one. I finished my last slst of rnd 9 to change over. if you prefer, finish the rnd and cut the yarn then restart with the new colour.

Rnd 10: ch1, (dc into centre of dc st, dc into ch sp) rpt to end, slst 32

This is a little different. Instead of working under the two loops of the dc st, work the very centre of the st. From memory I've seen this called 'knitted crochet st'

The next st is worked in the ch sp created in rnd 9.

Rnd 10 taking shape...

The Handle:

The starting chs are still not counted as a st.

Row 1 (RS): ch1, dc into next 2 stitches, turn work

Row 2 (WS): ch1, dc into next 2 stitches, turn work

*Rpt rows 1 and 2, 9 times. (18 rows in total)

You'll see in row 1 i crocheted into the centre of the st, the same a rnd 10 of the basket. Keep to this style if preferred.

Extend the handle with more rows to suit your style.

Handles done!

Now, cut the yarn to a length of approximately 6 inches and draw the yarn through the stitch to finish.

Find the centre of your basket and draw the yarn through the dc loop.

Go back and forth between two sts on the basket to secure the handle.

Sew in ends by weaving them through the back loops of your sts.

What ever you're doing this eater, I wish you a safe and happy time.

Many eggs were eaten in the making of this blog.

Thanks again!

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