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Koshitsu IC Needle Set Small 10cm - KA SeeKnit

Koshitsu IC Needle Set Small 10cm - KA SeeKnit

Seeknit Koshitsu Small Set - 10cm length, Interchangeable circular bamboo needle set.


Koshitsu/ Umber bamboo is a darker brown than Shirotake. The surface is carefully polished with natural plant wax after undergoing a unique high temperature and pressure treatment. This treatment gives the bamboo extra durability.

Set Contains:

- 4 Needle sizes

- 3 Cords

- 2 Cord Stoppers


Koshitsu Needle Length 4" / 10.0 cm
Size M1.8: 2.50 mm, 2.75mm, 3.00 mm, 3.25 mm.

Cord Lengths:
Size M1.8: 20 cm (8”), 40 cm (16”), 60 cm (24”)

Cord Stoppers:
Size M1.8: 2 pcs


Needle Features:

  • The finely ground needle tips make it easier to pick up stitches.
  • The carefully polished surface is soft to the touch and the yarn slides off easily.
  • The size is laser-printed so it won’t rub off.
  • Connector for needles and cords are made from brass.
  • The screw doesn’t get loose during knitting and come off.
  • Seeknit knitting needles use a rotating swivel cord to prevent the cord from twisting.

Kinki Amibari are the manufacturers of Japans finest bamboo knitting needles, hooks and accessories. Their products are produced using high quality bamboo timb