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Sun Hat - Crochet pattern

Sun Hat - Crochet pattern

Enjoy the rejuvenating energy of the sun while protected in your own crocheted hat. The simplicity of the hat leaves a blank textured canvas to be creative with your own splash of colour through the band.


The hat is worked in continuous rounds from the centre of the crown.

Choose a hook with a pointed tip over rounded; this will help ease the hook through each stitch.


Stitch markers are used to indicate the start of the round and increases around the brim. The brim and crown are reinforced at specific rounds with the same paper; this is accounted for in the quantity allocated. Alternatively wire or thick fishing line could be used.  


This pattern was first featured in Homespun Crochet Beginners and Beyond Magazine Issue 3.



   Confident Beginner



  • cdc: central double crochet
  • sm: slip marker
  • Reinforcing thread, worked in while stitching specific rounds


  • 3.75mm Crochet Hook
  • Daruma sasawashi flat 100% bamboo paper (25g/ 78m)

      Child: 3 skeins, colour 101 Natural,

      Tween and small adult: 4 skeins, colour 104 Brown,

      Large adult: 5 104 Brown



  • Child: 49cm, Brim: 7.5cm
  • Tween: 53cm, Brim: 10.4cm
  • Small Adult: 57cm, Brim: 11.3cm
  • Large Adult: 60cm, Brim: 11.3cm



  • Scissors,
  • Needle,
  • 9 stitch markers or scrap thread
  • Jersey knit, cotton fabric or ribbon 4cm (or wider can be used). 10cm x 95 (100, 105, 105) cm. If using a woven fabric, sewing is required.


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